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Rafaella Gunz

Rafaella Gunz


"The theme I have selected for these articles are on the topic of Jews and whiteness.

I have chose this theme because I see American Jews with light skin as conditionally white. While we benefit from white privilege in many ways, looking white doesn't stop us from being victims of White Supremacist hatred. I like to think of us as Schrodinger's White People - white when it's politically convenient, "other" when it's politically convenient. The most striking example of this dichotomy is the controversy surrounding the leaders of the National Women's March. In the narrow understanding of social justice on the American Left, one must fit neatly into the categories of "oppressed" or "oppressor." Jews, however, do not easily fit into these boxes. Indeed, our history is a lot more complicated and nuanced.

Below are some selections by Jewish authors of varying backgrounds - from work by Tema Smith, a mixed-race Jew of color, to work by Carly Pildis, a Jewish woman in an interracial marriage. I do hope these well-written pieces will allow for more understanding about the complexities of the Jewish relationship to whiteness.” –
Rafaella Gunz

I Am Woke: Why I Am Finally Raising My Voice Against Jewish Erasure in the Anti-Racism Movement by Carly Pildis for Tablet

Are Jews White? American History Says It's Complicated by Tema Smith for The Forward

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The Women's March Is Victim Blaming. Again. by Ariel Sobel for The Forward  

The Privilege And Peril Of Being A White Jew In Today's America by Mia Brett for The Forward

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Alice Walker is Anti-Semitic. Her Work is Still Important. by Mia Brett for Hey Alma

Can We Finally Admit That Jews Can Be Both White And Oppressed? by Ariel Sobel for The Forward