It’s not that we think the millennium is upon us. But we do find this glimmer of Jewish self-respect rather refreshing and encouraging.
— WMFA in the Jewish Press, A Great Awakening?


WoMen Fight AntiSemitism is a nonpartisan group welcoming all genders and races to fight for equality & against AntiSemitism #JewishCaucusNOW #Zionistas🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱🇺🇸

We draw inspiration from Bella Abzug, founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus, and Betty Friedan who unearthed that American women were being systematically tranquilized not liberated. JOIN US


CLEAVE MEDIA: A Zionist Feminist Perspective

WoMen Fight AntiSemitism cleaves through the headline barrier. We use media watchdogs and a range of news sources that refuse to use Israel, the only Jewish nation on earth, as a scapegoat and punching bag. CLEAVE MEDIA is politically inquisitive and independent, viewing issues from all sides without partisan constraints. We view Israel and Jewish security as a global issue, not a partisan issue. Those concerned for the security of the sole Jewish nation (there are 50 Muslim nations and 15 Christian nations) such as our network of informants and journalists, who span the globe.

WoMen Fight AntiSemitism upholds the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, in its entirety and in relation to our work here, "criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.CLEAVE MEDIA is available on SpotifyiTunesGoogleYouTubeSpreaker, iHeartRadio, Castbox and more. We engage international Jewry from Israel, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, to the UK, Germany, Austria and beyond to form a ‘Jewish Party’ – possible for the first time in history through social media with its power to transcend linguistic and cultural borders – that has deeper roots than any national or political party. Our ultimate purpose is to enlist all people into caring about and fighting against antisemitism. This is a call to action.

To split open along a natural line or grain. To crack or break open forcefully by splitting apart.
CLEAVE: To stick fast to, to be loyal to, to remain faithful.

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A History From Colonial Times to Today

What would America look like without Jewish Women leading the fight for Equal Rights?

By Jordana Horn “Nadell examines how World War II and AntiSemitism spurred on American Zionist activism (which could easily be the subject of its own book). From Betty Friedan to Sonia Pressman, Bella Abzug and Gerda Lerner, Jewish women had an outsize role in the feminist struggle. As the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously quipped: ‘What is the difference between a bookkeeper in the garment district and a Supreme Court justice? One generation.’ And, I would add, Jewish women realizing the power of their voices, intellects and ambitions.”

By Pamela S. Nadell AMERICA’S JEWISH WOMEN: A History From Colonial Times to Today 

A History of American Jewish Women Shows How the Country Influenced Them, and Vice Versa

Nonfiction AMERICA'S JEWISH WOMEN A History From Colonial Times to Today By Pamela S. Nadell Considering that the very definition of Judaism and what it means to be a Jew has changed so much over the last three centuries of American history, it's a near impossible endeavor - yeoman's work - to capture succinctly the role of Jewish women over that long span.

We’re Jews, We’re Not White, We Define Ourselves

By KAREN LEHRMAN BLOCH “Until, that is, I started to study our indigenous connection to the land of Israel and realized that there was now a plethora of genetic research showing that, lo and behold, just like our Sephardic and Mizrahic brothers and sisters, the DNA of Ashkenazim shows an irrefutable connection to the Levant — meaning we’re not white.”

We're Jews, We're Not White, We Define Ourselves | Jewish Journal

Last Sunday, I took my son Alexander, 9, to hear a performance of the Hebrew Choir Festival, which "aims to promote Hebrew as the common global Jewish language." He didn't want to go - it was a gorgeous afternoon - but I increasingly prioritize stuff like this.

* IHRA Definition Latest News!

The IHRA Definition of AntiSemitism stands on decades of research and development by experts, historians and survivors of the Holocaust, which was not an act of genocide against many groups but against Jews, Roma, Homosexuals and the Disabled.

The U.S. State Department adopted the IHRA Definition of AntiSemitism in 2010 along with 32 nation governments across Europe, Macron's governmentSouth Carolina and it's advancing with bipartisan support through the Florida House as we write. (It passed!) This is the actual IHRA Definition of AntiSemitism.


The American Jewish Congress is calling for the establishment of a bipartisan Congressional Jewish Caucus. SIGN HERE to call on your Member of Congress to create a Jewish Caucus.


Hannah Simpson, Trans Activist, WMFA Co-Chair and Speaker at the Women’s March on NYC 2019

Please follow, volunteer with, and contribute to the Women's March Alliance, the official organizers of the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Women's March on NYC. Check out and contribute to partnering org WoMen Fight AntiSemitism, a grassroots team working to end bigotry by welcoming everyone to the table.” –Hannah Simpson